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Roadside Assistance Service in Nevada

We at Applewhite Towing offer roadside assistance service in Nevada that is one thing that you will appreciate. You can rely on us especially when it comes to car issues. Since a car provides ease and convenience, it is something that you cannot live without. Good thing, we can fix what is wrong with it.

Our roadside assistance service can fix your car issues. Contact us today at Applewhite Towing for assistance!

Winch Out Service

If you are off the road to have fun, but suddenly your car run into an issue, we at Applewhite Towing can help you. The problem about your car that is buried in the mud or snow is solved by our team of experts. Do not hesitate to contact us. You only need to give us the description of your location the moment you call. Our winch-out service can give you only peace and a smile.

Call us right away at Applewhite Towing!

Jumpstart Service

If your car does not start up right away, it may be attributed to a battery issue. Good thing, we at Applewhite Towing can help you. Our team of professionals can do the jumpstart of your car battery. That is the only way that you can get back on the road at any time you need it.

Call us right away at Applewhite Towing for more information about our jumpstart roadside assistance service in Nevada!

Car Lockout Assistance

If a car lockout occurs, it could mean an embarrassing situation. However, you need to keep in mind that it is a common occurrence. That is why we suggest you call us to fix the issue. We promise to provide an excellent roadside assistance service in Nevada. Our technicians are using the right tools to unlock your car.

Call us at Applewhite Towing now for immediate car lockout assistance!

24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance team can help you with any of your car issues. You can get the roadside assistance service in Nevada that you need as long as you explain to us the situation. The good thing about us is that you do not need to worry anymore. If you encounter issues anywhere and anytime, the expert hands will be by your side. Do not depend on other companies but just us.

Call us right away for the best and most immediate roadside assistance service that you are searching for in Nevada! You won’t have any regrets!


Jumpstart Service

We at Applewhite Towing will assess the situation and will inform you of what needs to be done.

Car Lockout Service

We can safely unlock your car and make sure no damage is done to your car’s security system.

Motorcycle Towing

Just like cars, motorcycles needs towing too.  We just got the right towing for you.

Winch Out Service

Using the right tow truck and technology, we can safely pull all manner of vehicles to safety.

Medium Duty Towing

When cars are the problem, you can depend on our  tow trucks to give the assistance you need.

Auto Recovery Service

Our technicians are trained to even work under severe weather conditions, allowing fast extraction.

communities we service

Carver Park
Texas Acres
Las Vegas
Bonnie Springs
Marie Camp

Boulder City
North Las Vegas
Boulder Junction
Spring Valley
Lucky Jim Camp
Dry Lake

Blue Diamond
Bonelli Landing
Sunrise Manor
Mountain Springs
East Las Vegas

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